Christianity Explored


All of us have big questions that tick away in the back of our minds: What's the point of life? How can I be sure of anything? Why is the world such a mess?  What will happen when I die? ... 

Christianity Explored is a course run throughout the world which gives people space to explore these questions.  The discovery many people make, is that answers are found in an unusual place - the life of Jesus Christ.  

It is a free 6 week course, including refreshments, a DVD and a chance to look at Mark's gospel (from the Bible). No one will make you read aloud, or pray, you can ask any questions you want or just sit and listen, and there's no obligation at all to come back.

Everyone is welcome whether you are an agnostic, an atheist, a person of a different faith or a Christian with doubts. 

You can find out more about the course from the Christianity Explored website by clicking here


Please contact the Church Office for details of when the next course starts.