Bible studies, bonfires, BBQ's, garden party's, sofa's, home made cooking ... 20s @CCH is actually a group for any school leavers through to early thirties.  We meet straight after the evening service on a Sunday from 7.45 - 9.15pm at 18 Westfield Drive (Barnaby and Tessa's house).  We eat together, build friendships, read the Bible and pray.  

There's no assumption that everyone is a Christian.  We simply try to think through what Christianity has to say to the issues really facing us at this inbetween stage of life.

We're committed to finish on time so that people can get set up for the working week - but if you can only come to eat that's fine.


Dates:     12 Jan • 26 Jan • 9 Feb • 23 Feb • 8 Mar • 22 Mar • 5 Apr