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Morning Services



10 Sep C

9:30 11:15  

What is the Mission of the church?

Barnaby Monteiro

17 Sep

9:30 11:15  

Membership matters

Gareth Lewis

24 Sep 9:30 11:15  

Harvest Festival Family Service

Andy Gawn

Series Title: All that glistens is not gold - lessons from the life of Solomon

1Oct C

9:30 11:15

1 Kings 1

Of Coronets and Kings

Gareth Lewis

8 Oct 9:30 11:15

1 Kings 2

Be a man my son

Gareth Lewis

15 Oct


Ben Peterson

22 Oct 9:30 11:15

1 Kings 3 & 4

The Wise man built.....

Barnaby Monteiro

29 Oct 9:30 11:15

1Kings 5-7


Gareth Lewis
5 Nov C 9:30 11:15 1 Kings 8 & 9


Gareth Lewis
12 Nov 9:30 11:15

1 Kings 10


Gareth Lewis
19 Nov 9:30 11:15  

Harpenden Big Q’s launch

Barnaby Monteiro

26 Nov 9:30 11:15

1 Kings 11

The beginning of the end

Gareth Lewis
3 Dec 10:30

1 Kings 12

The rot sets in

Garry Williams

10 Dec C 10:30

1 Kings 13

What happens next

Gareth Lewis
17 Dec 10:30

Luke2 1-7

YP@C Family Service: Baby in manger saves the world

24 Dec 10:30

Luke2 8–14

Read all about it

Gareth Lewis
25 Dec 10:00  

Christmas Day Celebration

Gareth Lewis
31 Dec 10.30    

Barnaby Monteiro


Evening Services

The Reformation

500 years ago the church had become powerful, corrupt and often immoral - a human institution that used religion to control people and make money.  Even more seriously they had lost the wonderful truths of the cross, of God's free grace to us, of justification and assurance.  Then everything changed as Martin Luther - a fiery monk started reading his Bible....

The Controversial Christ

  Lots of people think that Jesus was just a nice bloke and good teacher...until they start to listen to him.   In these chapters Jesus speaks amount himself in some of the most mysterious, significant and scandalous terms.  There are depths to stretch the most mature and foundational truths for those exploring.  

Invitation Carol Service 17th December ( Christ Church Vaughan Road )

'What does God want from us': Considering how most people assume God wants sacrifices and gifts from us but that Christmas shows that rather he wants to sacrifice and give gifts to us.


Grumblings and grace through the wilderness

6 Aug

Exodus 18

The trials of leadership

Mike Pasquale

13 Aug Exodus 19

A covenant relationship with God

Song Tsai
20 Aug Exodus 20.1-11

What it means to love God

Sam Williams
27 Aug Exodus 20.12-17

What it means to love your neighbour

Sam Williams
3 Sep Student Farewell with welcome to Daniel Mak Gareth Lewis
10 Sep TBA TBA Daniel Mak
17 Sep C   Dealing with Doubt Nick Ross
24 Sep  

Coping with Depression

Nick Jelfs

The reformation

1 Oct

Galatians 1.6-12

When it's right to argue and divide

Barnaby Monteiro
8 Oct Mark 7

The battle for the bible

Garry Williams
15 Oct No Service - weekend away
22 Oct C

Luke 18 

Justification: the heart of the issue

Barnaby Monteiro
29 Oct

Romans 4.1-4

Faith: the empty hand

Barnaby Monteiro
The controversial Christ
5 Nov

John 5.1-18

Equal with God

Gareth Lewis
12 Nov

John 5.19-23

The divine Son

Barnaby Monteiro
19 Nov C

John 5.24-30

Eternity in his hands

Gareth Lewis
25 Nov

John 5.31-47

The defendant or the Judge

Barnaby Monteiro
3 Dec No service - Carols evenings
10 Dec C 6pm

John 6.1-24

The hero of history

Barnaby Monteiro

17 Dec     6pm

(Christ Church Vaughan Road )

John 6.29

What does God want from us

Barnaby Monteiro
24 Dec 8.45pm

John 6.52-71

Nowhere else to go


31 Dec 11:15pm

To be announced