Home Groups (Tue or Wed)

Central Prayer Meetings (Tue or Thu)

Cutting Edge (Sat)

Women Word Alive (Wed, Thu or Sat)

Senior Citizens' Tea Party (Thu)

Toast and Pray (Sat)

Twenties Group - 20S@CCH (Sun)


Home Groups

Home groups meet three out of every four weeks during school term time. The first week in every month is a Central Prayer Meeting led by one of the groups. Home groups aim to provide a smaller fellowship group in which we can learn from God’s Word, the Bible, and, through prayer and encouragement, seek to live out what we learn. 

For information on joining a home group, contact Haydn Williams on 01438 833329 or

Our home groups meet on a number of nights during the week at various locations, Haydn will put you in touch with a home-group near to you. 


5 September (Tuesday) 

Home-group leaders Meeting (Vaughan Road) 

7 September (Thursday) 

Central Prayer Meeting (Vaughan Road) 

12, 14 September 

Home groups 1. Introducing God as Creator 

19, 21 September 

Home groups 2. What does it mean to be human? 

26, 28 September 

Home groups 3. Human sexuality and gender 

3, 5 October 

Home groups: Prayer in groups 

10, 12 October 

Home groups 4. What is wrong? 

17, 19 October 

Home groups 5. Who is in control? 

24, 26 October 

No meeting Half Term 

31 October (Tuesday) 

Central Prayer Meeting (Vaughan Road) 

7, 9 November 

Home groups 6. Introducing Christ 

14, 16 November 

Home groups 7. What is grace? 

21, 23 November 

Home groups 8. How do we respond to God? 

28 November (Tuesday) 

Central Prayer Meeting (Vaughan Road) 

5, 7 December 

Home groups 9. Facing the future? Suffering & hope 

12, 14 December 

Home group Social (invite a friend) 


Central Prayer Meetings

An opportunity for the whole congregation to gather to pray at Vaughan Road at 8 pm. The meetings are led by different groups in the church and are varied in format. Sometimes they are themed and sometimes more general, with time to pray together and in small groups. 


Thursday 7 September 

Prayer Meeting 

Staff team 

3 & 5 October 


Prayer in groups 

Tuesday 31 October 

Prayer Meeting 

Staff team 

Tuesday 28 November 

Prayer Meeting 

Staff team 


Cutting Edge

For men.

Cutting Edge is a men’s group that meets from 8-9.15 am on the third Saturday of the month at various locations. Each group meets for breakfast, a Bible study and prayer.

This term the groups wil be studying The Sermon on the Mount using The John Stott Lifebuilder Bible Study book looking at what does it mean to seek first the kingdom in our relationships, values, ambitions, finances and commitment to God? Jesus' answer to these questions amazed those who first heard the Sermon on the Mount

Contact: David Reavell: /David Key:

Dates: 16th September, 21th October, 16th December


Women Word Alive

For women.

Bible study groups to encourage women and pray for one another.

This term:

Wednesday (1.30-3.00pm) group is studying Esther - a Royal Rescue by Jane Mcnab;

Thursday Groups (9.30-11.30am) are continuing to study John: The Way to True Life by Douglas Conelly as well as Exodus - Out of Darkness

Saturday Group (8.30-10.00am) is studying Making work work by Marcus Nodder. 


Senior Citizens' Tea Party

For retirees.
Meeting once every other month on a Thursday, 2:30-4:00pm at ChristChurch Vaughan Road.

Enjoy a delicious homemade tea and fellowship, take part in a quiz or activity, hear some words of encouragement from a guest speaker, and sing a few hymns – everyone has a great afternoon!

Contact : Jill Clarke on or 01582 712564    

Dates: 28th September and 30th November


Toast and Pray

We meet and pray from 8 - 9 am on the fourth Saturday of each month at ChristChurch Vaughan Road.

We start with a light breakfast (toast and homemade marmalade; fresh coffee or tea) from 8am and then pray from 8.20–9am for those we know and love who do not share in our faith in the Lord Jesus 

Dates: 23th September, 21th October, 25th November and 16th December


Twenties Group - 20s@CCH 

All in their 20s are welcome to this group which meets on a Sunday evening from 7.45-9.30 pm at 18 Westfield Drive, Harpenden, AL54LP
Light supper provided

(Lifts from the evening service provided if needed) 

Contact Barnaby Monteiro -

Songs to sing when life get's tough
10 Sep Psalm 8 Insignificant
17 Sep Psalm 10 Let down
1 Oct Psalm 22 Forsaken
8 Oct Psalm 27 In Trouble
22 Oct Psalm 32 Guilty
5 Nov Psalm 49 Envious
19 Nov Psalm 63 Spiritually dry
10 Dec Psalm 92 Full of praise
17 Dec